Loan of works

Conditions for temporary loan of artworks in the collections.

Oliva Art Centre contributes to temporary exhibitions in Portugal and abroad by loaning artworks from its collections, thereby promoting the collaboration with different artistic and museum institutions and fostering access to the artworks by a wider audience.

Requests should be submitted at least six months in advance to the Board of Directors of Oliva Art Centre for joint evaluation with the respective collection owners. The request must contain information about the exhibition project, location and dates of exhibition and identification of the works requested.

The following criteria contribute to loan authorization: conservation status of the work(s); quality of the exhibition design; availability of the requested work(s); appreciation of the impact of the absence of the work(s) at the Oliva Art Center.

All cost incurred with preparation, restoration work, packaging, transportation, photography, courier expenses and artwork insurance are the responsibility of the relevant exhibition promoters.

Due to the growing volume of artwork requests, and in order to continue developing and increasing loans, all loans of over twelve (12) artworks are subject to other charges. All conditions can be consulted in the attached document.

Conditions for temporary loan of artworks


Authorization for the use of photographs

All requests for images of artworks in the collections on loan at Oliva Art Centre, or for exhibition visits, must be addressed to The request must identify the purpose of image use. An Agreement of Authorization for the Use of Photographs must be filled and signed; the document will be forwarded after reception of requests and the respective credits will be identified in it. The images of some artworks may be copyright restricted and require the authorization of the artists/copyright owners. Obtaining the relevant authorization form copyright owners is the sole responsibility of the user/requester.