There is no why, there is no I – Corpo e fisicalidade na Coleção Norlinda e José Lima
25 april — 30 october 2016
Curator: Raquel Guerra
Production: Centro de Cultura Contemporânea de Castelo Branco

“An exhibition based on a collection does not represent it in its entirety. An exhibition will always be a perspective, a reflection, a proposal for interpretation of part of the collection.
Exhibitions held from our collections (Norlinda and José Lima Collection and Treger Saint Silvestre Collection) are always privileged moments for studying them. On the one hand, we intend that these moments of study contribute to deepening the knowledge we have regarding the physical and material characteristics of the works on display and, on the other, we wish to increase the discursive collection about the works in the Collections.
In the exhibition There is no why, there is no I, the Norlinda and José Lima Collection is discussed under the theme of the body and its relationship with physicality. This exhibition reflects on the characteristics of the body, but also on the actions that are carried out with the body.
This exhibition, which brings together 77 works by 57 artists, illustrates, without a doubt, the richness, diversity and dimension of the Norlinda and José Lima Collection on deposit at the Oliva Creative Factory Art Center.” [Raquel Guerra]

Artists: Adriana Molder, Alberto Garcia Alix, Álvaro Lapa, Ana Laura Aláez, Ângelo de Sousa, António Melo, António Saura, Arman, Bernard Rancillac, Carlos Roque, Carlos Vidal, Cindy Sherman, Clemens Krauss, Cristina Iglesias, Dado, Dany Leriche, Enrique Marty, Efrain Almeida, Erró, Gaetan, Gonçalo Pena, Helena Almeida, Jaume Plensa, João Penalva, João Tabarra, Joaquim Rodrigo, John Cristoforou, Jorge Molder, Jorge Pinheiro, José Manuel Ciria, Júlia Ventura, Julian Opie, Julião Sarmento, Luís Demée, Nan Goldin, Noé Sendas, Nuno Cera, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Pedro Casqueiro, Pedro Gomes, Pedro Tudela, Pires Vieira, Rogério Ribeiro, Rosa Carvalho, Rui Chafes, Rui Sanches, Rui Serra, Sam Samore, Santiago Ydañez, Shuntaro Nakaoka, Sofia Leitão, Susanne Themlitz, Vanessa Beecroft, Vasco Araújo, Vicente de Melo, Vítor Pomar e Vladimir Velicovick.

Raquel Guerra was born in Porto in 1976 and is a curator and researcher. With a degree in History from Universidade Portucalense and a postgraduate degree in Museological and Curatorial Studies from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, she is currently undertaking her PhD in Contemporary Art at the College of Arts in Coimbra. In 2011, she received a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to undertake a curatorial residency in Brazil (Residência Capacete). He has dedicated himself to managing contemporary art collections: Marín.Gaspar Collection, Norlinda and José Lima Collection and Treger/Saint Silvestre Collection. Between 2014 and 2017 she was director of the Oliva Creative Factory Art Center in S. João da Madeira, as well as director of the S. João da Madeira Art Center between 2015 and 2017.

Exhibition organized by the Castelo Branco Contemporary Culture Center.

Exhibition view © Pedro Sadio

Exhibition catalog
170 x 240 mm
96 pp
Bilingual POR/ENG
Design: Rui Silva
Depósito Legal: 391928/15