A aventura do incerto [The adventure of the uncertain]
18 may — 30 december 2023

“(...) I only want to learn from myself, even if the paths are not visible, nor are they traced, or you cannot see where they lead, or they end abruptly.”
Henri Michaux 

Without correcting or explaining, opening the way to the unexpected, “the adventure of the uncertain”, is Henri Michaux’s expression for what in the act of drawing appears without prior notice. Crossing the thresholds of visual perception hand in hand with hearing and touch, the exhibition brings together drawings by Guo Fengyi, Henry Darger, Jaime Fernandes and Pedro Proença.

Aventura do Incerto [the adventure of the uncertain] was carried out taking into account the accessible materials, audio descriptions and tactile materials, which the Centro de Arte Oliva has been producing for blind and low vision audiences.

Artistas Guo Fengyi, Henry Darger, Jaime Fernandes, Lourdes Castro e Pedro Proença.



17 de junho | 15:00 | Visita em LGP com Ângelo Costa