Spiders, blacksmiths and scavengers
26 january — 31 october 2024

In Haiti, the blacksmith’s apprentice holds an ember in the palm of his hand, strolls around with it and lights a cigarette. In France, cans of beans, plastic bottles, tungsten bulbs, coloured adhesive tape, among other scraps, rubbish, are signs of war. In Africa, the earth is drilled and the minerals take the form of weapons. In Mexico, the resistance for territorial autonomy has the shape and slow rhythm of a snail – tracing a border of ephemeral slime in our imagination.

Spiders, blacksmiths and scavengers has been produced while taking into account the accessible materials and audio descriptions, that the Centro de Arte Oliva has been producing for visually impaired audiences.

The exhibition presents works from the collections stored at the Oliva Art Center.

Artists: André Robillard, Gabriel Bien-Aimé, ​Gonçalo Mabunda, ​Rigo 23


February 8 | 13:30 | Pause dedicated to Gabriel Bien-Aimé with Miguel Almeida
February 22 | 13:30 | Pausa dedicated to Rigo23 with Joana Ribeiro