Lusofolia: A Beleza Insensata [Luso-folly: The senseless beauty]
9 november 2019 — 11 october 2020
Curator: António Saint Silvestre

Lusofolia: A Beleza Insensata features an overview of art brut/outsider art from Lusophone countries, including works by over twenty authors from Portugal: Works by portuguese Ana Carrondo, Artur Moreira, Carlos Victor Martins, Daniel Gonçalves, Guilhermina Júlia, Jaime Fernandes, João Fróis, José Ribeiro, Manuel Bonifácio, Manuel Carrondo, Mário Chichorro, Mónica Machado, ZMV (Rui Lourenço), Serafim Barbosa; dos brasileiros Albino Braz, Raimundo Camilo, Evaristo Rodrigues, Jesuys Crystiano, José Teófilo Resende e Marilena Pelosi; and works by anonymous Angolan and Mozambiquan artists that offer a new, encompassing vision of outsider art from those geographies

The exhibition also features the film Eternity has no door of Escape | Encounters with Outsider Art directed by Arthur Borgnis in 2018.

António Saint Silvestre is a collector and artist. Together with Richard Treger, he directed a gallery in Paris dedicated to art brut and outsider art, where he organized all the exhibitions. In parallel to their artistic and gallery activities, they began building the Treger Saint Silvestre Collection, now one of the main collections of art brut and outsider art in Europe.

A small-scale version of the exhibition was shown at Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation (Lisbon) between March and May 2019.

Exhibition views © Dinis Santos

Exhibition catalog
169 x 222 mm
Bilingual POR/ENG
Design: Francisca Rodrigues
Legal deposit: 453317/19
€ 15.00


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