In and out of Africa – Coleção Treger Saint Silvestre
7 october 2017 — 7 april 2018
Curator: Antonio Saint Silvestre

“The exhibition In and Out of Africa – Treger Saint Silvestre Collection offers an overview of the wealth of art production in Africa, looking at its cultures and its variations across the world from the perspective of different artistic processes from different periods and through a selection of art brut and outsider art by African or African descendant authors. Some of the featured works are significant from an historical point of view, such as the paintings by William Hawkins (1895-1990), the autodidact Kentucky-born African-American artist who learnt to draw by copying illustrations from ads and calendars and is now represented in museums such as the Smithsonian. Other artworks are by a new generation of African artists working on the margins of outsider art and the established contemporary circuits, such as Gérard Quenum (1971-) and Moffat Takadiwa (1983-), who work in different media and have recovered the assemblage with a particular talent. The exhibition also features works by unknown authors, such as drawings by anonymous Angolan artists. This wide diversity of authors from different generations, countries and continents shares one condition: their work is not subject to artistic values based on boundaries or categorizations. In turn, this points to the great freedom, intuition and knowledge with which the collectors built a collection that goes beyond the dichotomy between art brut/outsider art vs. the fine arts; autodidacticism vs. academic training; normal vs. deviant; black vs. white, local vs global.” [Andreia Magalhães] [Andreia Magalhães]

Artists: Anónimo Africano, Ardmore Ceramic Art (Sfiso Myelase, Sabelo Khoza e Mickey Chonco), Aston (Serge Mikpon), Camille-Jean Nasson, Colbert Mashile, Daldo Marte, Dexter Nyamainasche, Donald Mitchell, Donovan Durham, Ezekiel Messou, Franck Lundangi, Gabriel Bien-Aimé, Gérard Quenum, Hassan, Henry Speller, Jesuys Crystiano, Joël Mpah Dooh, John Henry Toney, José Teófilo Resende, José Castillo, Lionel Saint Eloi, Mamadou Cissé, Marilena Pelosi, Mary T. Smith, Melvin Way, Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso, Moffat Takadiwa, Mose Ernest Tolliver, Prophet Royal Robertson, Raimundo Camilo, Ray Vickers, Sam Nhlengethwa, Serge Jolimeau, Ted Gordon, Thornton Dial, Victor Ulloa, Welmon Sharlhorne, Wesley Willis e William Hawkins.

Antonio Saint Silvestre is a collector and artist. Together with Richard Treger, he directed a gallery in Paris dedicated to art brut and outsider art, where he organized all the exhibitions. In parallel to their artistic and gallery activities, they began building the Treger Saint Silvestre Collection, now one of the main collections of art brut and outsider art in Europe.

Exhibition view © Dinis Santos

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