Entre as Palavras e os Silêncios – Obras da Coleção Norlinda e José Lima [Between words and silences – Works in the Norlinda and José Lima Collection]
30 october 2021 — 6 february 2022
Curator: Luísa Soares de Oliveira
Production: Centro de Arte Oliva; Centro Cultural de Cascais / Fundação D. Luís I

Curated by Luísa Soares de Oliveira, the exhibition Entre as Palavras e os Silêncios – Obras da Coleção Norlinda e José Lima brings together over one hundred works, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and installations by some of the most important Portuguese and international contemporary artists. Paula Rego, Andy Warhol, Julião Sarmento, Rui Chafes, Cindy Sherman, Júlio Pomar, Damien Hirst, Victor Vasarely, among many others, will have their works shown in Cascais, demonstrating the Collection’s stylistic, temporal and geographic diversity.

The selected works contextualize the Collection under the theme of the duality between discourse and silence in contemporary art. According to the curator, ‘since the modern era, with its accent on the subject, art can be said to move between a will to narrate and the utopia of absent interpretation, i.e., silence’.

The exhibition, which takes up two floors of Centro Cultural de Cascais dedicated to temporary exhibitions, invites the viewers to generate the discourses, the silences and the connections that emerge when confronted with an artwork. Contemporary art is also characterized by the freedom intrinsic to the acts of creating and appreciating art. Viewers are free to choose their tools for understanding artistic expression, and, as the curator points out, ‘this exhibition wants precisely to respond to the exercise of freedom’.

The exhibition will be presented at Centro de Arte Oliva in 2022.

Featured works

Arlindo Silva. Marco e Flávia, 2000 © Paulo Cunha Martins

Joaquim Rodrigo. Lisboa - Burgos, 1970 © AL