CASULOS. José Malhoa, Dado e Carolein Smit [COCOONS. José Malhoa, Dado e Carolein Smit]
20 may 2021 — 9 january 2022
Curator: Antonio Saint Silvestre
Production: Direção Regional de Cultura do Centro/Museu José Malhoa

What is there in common between Malhoa, Dado and Carolein Smit? Which worlds bring them together and which ones set them apart? CASULOS. José Malhoa, Dado e Carolein Smit is an exhibition dialogue that addresses these questions. José Malhoa Museum is the meeting place for Malhoa’s more ‘solar’ works and the works by Dado and Carolein Smit chosen from the Treger Saint Silvestre Collection. An unlikely meeting that celebrates Malhoa, Dado, Smit and these artists’ perspective on the energy of life.

CASULOS is a project of the Central Region Department of Culture financed by IPDJ in the context of the Youth Participation Budget 2018 and with the collaboration of the São João da Madeira Municipal Council, the Treger/Saint Silvestre Collection, the Figueiró dos Vinhos e Municipal Council and the Caldas da Rainha School of Art and Design.

Featured works

Carolein Smit. Hare on cauliflower, 2010 © Winnifred Limburg. Courtesy: Flatland Gallery

Dado. Personnage aux chauves-souris, 1960 (detail) © Patrice Almeida