Arte Bruta: Uma História de Mitologias Individuais. Obras da Coleção Treger Saint Silvestre [Art Brut: a history of individual mythologies. Works in the Treger Saint Silvestre Collection]
18 june 2016 — 20 august 2017
Curator: Christian Berst

Arte Bruta: Uma História de Mitologias Individuais. Obras da Coleção Treger Saint Silvestre features a wide range of artists. Christian Berst’s selection aims at demonstrating how ‘Art Brut works represent above all an attempt at elucidating the mystery of being in the world’. For Berst, ‘art brut, as it points us to the original creative gesture, is more much more individual gesture than that which art history prepared us for. Unlike what we thought for a long time, art brut is not distinct from other artistic productions by its form, but mainly by its content. Its essence is other. While artworks deliberately inscribe themselves in a great dialogue between artists and society, and within a historical and cultural perspective, the nature of art brut consists mostly of a search with a soliloquy. It is the realm of the intimate’. [Christian Berst] [Christian Berst]

Artists: A.C.M., Adolf Wölfli, Agatha Wojciechowsky, Albert Moser, Albino Braz, Alexander Lobanov, Alexandre Medvedev, Alexandro García, André Robillard, Aníbal Brizuela, Anna Zemánková, August Walla, Augustin Lesage, Beverly Baker, C.V.M. (Carlos Victor Martins), Carlo (Carlo Zinelli), Carlo Franco Stella, Charles Dellschau, Daldo Marte, Didier Amblard, Dwight Mackintosh, Edmund Monsiel, Egidio Cuniberti, Émile Ratier, Éric Benetto, Eugene Von Brunchenhein, Evaristo Rodrigues, Ezekiel Messou, F. R. V., Franco Bellucci, Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern, Georges Widener, Giovanni Bosco, Giovanni Galli, Gorgali Lorestani, Guo Fengyi, Harald Stoffers, Hassan, Henry Darger, Horst Ademeit, Gerald DePrie, James Deeds, Janko Domsic, Jean Perdrizet, Joële (Nina Karasek), Johann Stek, John Devlin, John Urho Kemp, José Johann Seinen, José Manuel Egea, Josef Hofer, Josef Karl Rädler, Karl Hans Janke, Karl Vondal, Leopold Strobl, Luboš Plný, Mamadou Cissé, Margarethe Held, Marilena Pelosi, Martín Ramírez, Melvin Way, Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso, Óscar Morales, Oskar Voll, Pepe Gaitán, Paul Goesch, Pépé Vignes, Peter Kapeller, Pradeep Kumar, Raimundo Camilo, Raphaël Lonné, Prophet Royal Robertson, Scottie Wilson, Sebastian Ferreira, Vasilij Romanenkov e Zdeněk Košek.

Christian Berst is a gallerist, collector, curator and theoretician. In the early 1990s, he specialized in contemporary art brut and opened his first gallery, Objet Trouvé, in Paris. Christian Berst works with several museums as a specialist in art brut. In 2012, Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation (Lisbon) entrusted him with the exhibition Arte Bruta – terra incógnita, Coleção Treger/Saint-Silvestre. In 2017, he was responsible for Brut Now: art brut in the technological era, a seminal exhibition in art history, as it was the first to consider and present digital art as a potential field within Art Brut.

Exhibition view © André Rocha

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