Arte Bruta: Transgredindo Fronteiras. Coleção Treger Saint Silvestre [Art Brut: Transgressing boundaries. Treger/Saint Silvester Collection]
31 may 2014 — 31 may 2016
Curator: Christian Berst

Arte Bruta: Transgredindo Fronteiras. Coleção Treger Saint Silvestre features almost three hundred works by artist who, according to Brest, ‘transgress the norms of established art, without any concerns for diffusion or commercial value and, most times, hide themselves to create them’. For the curator, these artists ‘create like they breathe, building an unbound world as if they wanted to re-connect with the universe to witness the mystery of earthly life’. Therefore, ‘in the early 21st century [Art Brut] has become the liveliest aspect of art, disorienting the compass, teaching us to escape dogmatism and even forcing us into a courageous, healthy revolution: to re-write the History of Art’. [Christian Berst]
[Christian Berst]

Artists: A.C.M., Adolf Wölfli, Albert Moser, Alexander Lobanov, Alexandro García, Alexis Lippstreu, André Robillard, Anna Zemánková, Artur Moreira, Augustin Lesage, Aurel Iselstöger, Carlo Franco Stella, Carlo (Carlo Zinelli), Charles Steffen, Davood Koochaki, Didier Amblard, Donald Mitchell, Dusan Kusmic, Dwight Mackintosh, Edmund Monsiel, Ergasto Monichón, Éric Benetto, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Evaristo Rodrigues, Fleury-Joseph Crépin, Foma Jaremtschuk, Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, Gaston Mouly, George Widener, Gianni Antonelli, Giovanni Abrignani, Giovanni Battista Podestà, Giovanni Bosco, Guo Fengyi, Guy Brunet, Han Yi, Harald Stoffers, Henry Darger, Henry Speller, Horst Ademeit, James Deeds, Janko Domsic, Jean Perdrizet, Joachim Gironella, Johann Hauser, John Devlin, José Johann Seinen, Josef Hofer, Josef Wittlich, Karl Hans Janke, Karl Vondal, Kashinath Chawan, Leoš Wertheimer, Luboš Plný, Madge Gill, Marco Berlanda, Marco Raugei, Margarethe Held, Marilena Pelosi, Martin Erhard, Miroslav Tichý, Mose Tolliver, Óscar Morales, Oskar Voll, Pascal Tassini, Pépé Vignes (Joseph Vignes), Peter Kapeller, Pierre Petit et Raymonde, Raimundo Camilo, Raphaël Leonardini, Raphaël Lonné, Roy Wenzel, Prophet Royal Robertson, Scottie Wilson, Sebastian Ferreira, Simone Le Carré-Galimard, Théo (Théodore Wagemann), Vasilij Romanenkov, Wabé (Véronique Achard) e Zbyněk Semerák.

Christian Berst is a gallerist, collector, curator and theoretician. In the early 1990s, he specialized in contemporary art brut and opened his first gallery, Objet Trouvé, in Paris. Christian Berst works with several museums as a specialist in art brut. In 2012, Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation (Lisbon) entrusted him with the exhibition Arte Bruta – terra incógnita, Coleção Treger/Saint-Silvestre. In 2017, he was responsible for Brut Now: art brut in the technological era, a seminal exhibition in art history, as it was the first to consider and present digital art as a potential field within Art Brut.

Exhibition view

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