Teatro Anatómico [Anathomical Theatre]
4 march — 31 december 2023
Curator: João Sousa Cardoso

Created by João Sousa Cardoso
With the Treger Saint Silvestre collection
Invited artists André Sousa + Fernão Cruz + Horácio Frutuoso

By invitation of the Centro de Arte Oliva, João Sousa Cardoso has created a unique perspective on the Treger Saint Silvestre collec-tion, one of Europe’s leading collections of art brut/outsider art, in a site-specific project in which the interplay of bodies, objects and presence generate a dialogue with the tradition of theatre.

The exhibition is inspired by the anatomical theatre of Padua, the world’s frst permanent room of its kind, visited and admired by Goethe on his trip to Italy. Installed in 1595, was a symbol of scientific progress in the study of anatomy and served as a model for anatomical theatres for Europe’s most important universities.

ANATOMICAL THEATRE aims to dissect and reflect a complex, winding and organic collection, that is normally far removed from the world of contemporary art. At the same time, it inspires a local sensorial experience that implies the participation of bodies and materiality associated to images, in the age of the virtual econo-my. And, in a political gesture, it encourages us to think about the cruelty capable of suspending the cycles of barbarism.

Artistas: Agnès Baillon, Albert Moser, Alireza Maleki, Franck Lundangi, Hassan, Horst Ademeit, Jacques Deal, Jean-Jules Chasse-Pôt (Paul Rancillac), Jorge Varela, Josef Wittlich, Marc Giai-Miniet, Martin Erhard, Mettraux, Miroslav Tichý, Peter Caddy, René Bértholo, Sam Nhlengethwa, Tomasz Machciński, Valentine Fournier

João Sousa Cardoso holds a PhD in Social Sciences from Paris Descartes University (Sorbonne). He was a fellow of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2005-2009). He directed the stage play, A Ronda da Noite, by Agustina Bessa-Luis, performed at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2022) and has directed Sequências Narrativas Completas at the D. Maria II National Theatre (2019). He directed TEATRO EXPANDIDO! (2015) at the Municipal Theatre of Porto. He has directed several flms. He is a professor at the Universidade Lusófona. He regularly writes for the PÚBLICO newspaper and the art magazine Contemporânea.


16 de março | 13:30 | PAUSA dedicada a René Bértholo por Susana Rodrigues
19 de março | 15:00 | Visita em LGP com Ângelo Costa
26 de março | 15:00 | Visita orientada com Susana Rodrigues
30 de março | 13:30 | PAUSA dedicada a Tomasz Machciński por Miguel Almeida

3 de Junho | 15h00 | Visita orientada com João Sousa Cardoso e André Sousa
3 de Junho | 17h00 | Catherine David “Modern Art and Art Brut: anatomy of a misunderstanding”
8 de junho | 14:00 | PAUSA dedicada a Horst Ademeit por Joana Ribeiro

2 de julho | 15:00 | Visita orientada com Miguel Almeida

Exhibition views © Dinis Santos

Visita à exposição © Paulo Cunha Martins