A Minha Casa é a Tua Casa: Imagens do Doméstico e do Urbano na Coleção de Serralves [My house is your house: images of domesticity and urban life in the Serralves Collection]
11 october 2016 — 26 february 2017

The title of this exhibition corresponds to the expression with which we ensure that our hospitality is sincere; it also places the house at the centre of a relationship between one or more persons – a dialectics that may synthesize the dynamics between the artist and the viewers, i.e., the houses imagined by artists will temporarily be our own. The number of artists for whom the house is a theme and pretext is indeed extensive. The artists and artworks in this exhibition place the domestic and the everyday at the centre of their concerns to propose different interpretations of the notion of house. For some, such as Patrícia Garrido and Pedro Cabrita Reis, the house is a shelter, a protective place for waiting, which evokes states and feelings like solitude and melancholia; for others, such as Ana Vieira, Juan Muñoz, Bruce Nauman and Gil Heitor Cortesão, it is the ideal place to apply an analytical scalpel and identify and speak of neuroses and repressions; for others still – Martha Rosler is a paradigmatic example –, the house, more specifically the kitchen, is the symbol of the female condition and a stage for, and object of, the fiercest criticism of the traditional role of women. Regardless of the angle, the house always seems to launch a subtle play between the private and the public. This is perhaps why some of the artists in A Minha Casa é a Tua Casaunderscore the relationship between the house and the street, examining issues that are eminently urbanistic, like in the cases of Ângela Ferreira, Gordon Matta-Clark and Luís Palma. To the utopian ideals of liberation at the root of modernist architecture and urbanism, these artists counterpose vernacular models for house extensions (the marquee) or a disorderly territory where erstwhile coherent and watertight urban and rural organisms blend. These artists’ house are our houses.

Artists: Ana Vieira, Ângela Ferreira, Bruce Nauman, Christopher Williams, Fernando Brito, Gil Heitor Cortesão, Gordon Matta-Clark, Juan Muñoz, Luís Palma, Martha Rosler, Miguel Ângelo Rocha, Patrícia Garrido, Pedro Cabrita Reis e Tony Cragg.

Production: Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto
The exhibition is part of the national itinerant exhibitions programme of the Serralves Foundation.

Exhibition view © Filipe Braga, cortesia Fundação de Serralves, Porto

Exhibition catalog
170 x 240 mm
20 pp
Bilingual POR/ENG
Design: Maria João Macedo